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Business contents


Foreign staff and next stage


In recent years, foreign production staff are becoming the main production system in Japan. However, foreigners and Japanese have cultural differences. It is each "national character".

Companies that respectfully respect this national character, firmly establishing tags, companies that are capable of fusing foreigners and Japanese people will continue to develop in the future. The era when the foreign staff who had so far made only "work" has ended, and the times have already changed to the next stage.


We will dispatch and introduce the best talent.


While many companies are considering recruiting of foreigners, I am worried about differences in Japanese level and customs of foreign nationalities employed. For those companies, our staff in charge will hear requests in detail. After that, we will dispatch and introduce the optimum personnel from the database of candidates for foreign students at the Japanese language school we are affiliated with.



Dispatch the best talent

Industry · Industry · Job Type We will dispatch the best foreign human resources according to your needs, not limited to the business contents.


Related bill

We fully comply with related bills such as immigration law and dispatch law! I am relieved because I also deal with the status of residence that I can work for.


Contract period

Contract period can be short term ~ long term correspondence!


Grasp needs

Our staff always keeps track of your needs in detail!


Personnel selection

We will dispatch the most suitable foreign workers quickly and dispatch!



Staff will follow regularly even after dispatching!


Flow of using temporary service

Employment style

We propose various employment styles to cope with fluctuation of workers


We will dispatch temporary students who are studying Japanese at a Japanese language school to a company as a part-time worker. Since it is also possible to work in the evening work, we can propose various employment styles that respond to fluctuations of workers.

Cooperative Company

It is an introduction of a company that walks along with Daisen Shokai.

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