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Those who want to work solidly and long term welcome!

For those looking for work

Please consult about anything about human resources.

To companies looking for talent

What is Foreign Staffing Service?

We will dispatch the best foreign national personnel according to your needs, not limited to industry, industry type, occupation type, and business content. We are fully complying with related laws and regulations such as Immigration and Dispatch Law, so please do not worry because we also deal with the status of residence that can work.


大伸商会ロゴ However, companies will solve the "troubled"!

  • There is a shortage of manpower suddenly!

  • When I am busy, I want you to securely ask for a request!

  • I'd like to request it in the short term of the day!

  • I am in trouble because I am vacant in temporary staffing personnel!

  • I am troubled because workers need more people!

  • I want the staff accustomed to work to come!

Temporary staffing

We will dispatch the human resources of the world to everyone by utilizing our personnel dispatch system of foreigners from our pipes mainly in Asia. read more ...

Foreign skills training system

Making the best use of our network to match with more human resources databases, we will help you to internationalize your company. read more ...

Advanced human resources

We will provide you with excellent human resources with extensive experience / qualification know-how skills to companies that are troubled with human resources with skills. read more ...

Business partner

Three business partners of Daisen Shokai are here.

  • Hualon Human Resources Development Co., Ltd.

  • Vietnam Airlines Staffing Agency ALSIMEXCO

  • Bridge solution Co., Ltd.

Foreign skills training system

The Foreign Skills Practicum System is a Japanese system aimed at relocating technology and others cultivated in Japan to developing countries and supporting human resource development. Daisen Shokai supports the acceptance of overseas trainees such as Nepal and Vietnam based on the foreign technical internship program.

Advanced human resources

Advanced human resources are those of foreign workers with specialized skills and knowledge. At Daisen Shokai you can also dispatch those who have experiences such as operator · construction manager · accounting · sales · consultant.

We propose various employment styles to cope with fluctuation of workers

Foreign students learning Japanese language school will be dispatched to companies as part-time workers.

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